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Katie Nolan, your (and my) new hero.

I did not know what to expect when I hit play on this video. It was really good! It gathers up a few things popping wheelies on the zeitgeist. Changing the conversation, steering it toward different, perhaps tangential (not really, though — how can sports and competition be a part of/intrinsic to/a metaphor/mirror of everything, *life*, yet major aspects of life have no bearing on sports and competition? — ) is exactly the sort of critique that’s been blossoming around all other cultural institutions. Media, music, movies, *video games*. Atavistic consumers of these cultures may declaim Social Justice Warriors co-opting their stuff, but if conversely their stuff is to have any outside or intrinsic value, and if it’s to leech value from the lives of those who fail to partake in them, viz. tax dollars, budgets, cultural climate, the constitution of one’s fellow humans (that is, the very way people are made, Lego block-like, by their interests and values), then these cultures need must become more heterogeneously concerned.

That and stipulated all dominant American culture has as its origin white maleness ('caucasity', if you will) leads inevitably to the feeling that it is being co-opted or overran. There’s something dangerous and exciting about the change, though. It’s like manifest destiny in reverse, a new frontier going backward rather than forward. An inversion of atavism; ie, obvs, progress.

Katie Nolan’s response comes obviously from a few personal angles — she makes her livelihood from NFL and she takes pleasure in NFL. But aren’t all of the angles personal? I’ve hardly seen a person who’s said, “If you watch football you condone child abuse and domestic violence” or “Literally destroy or abolish or something to that effect the NFL” who I do not strongly suspect cares naught for the NFL to begin with. Which is fine, but easy. And I’ve always tried to remind myself that the easy is almost never the good. Shining a light onto something you love and sloughing off its filth makes you a better person. Getting your index fingertip dirty writing ‘CLEAN ME’ on a dirty windscreen does not. People who violently overthrow other people’s governments are evil. (I spell America with a hundred and fourteen Ks.) So this Katie Nolan is a g/d hero.