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"Disagree to Agree"

The idea of 10 Listen’s new series “Disagree to Agree”1 is to have two people exchange brief essays on a record or artist. The inaugural version of "Disagree to Agree" deals with Taylor Swift’s Speak Now.

Brad Nelson and I will be discussing the album for the rest of the week. He loves it. I hate it:

What the songs seem to get at—significantly, tellingly, way way way more than Taylor’s take on certain parts of her life—is how Taylor portrays herself to herself as seen through the crucible of experience.

My main problem with Taylor Swift’s Speak Now is that it seems to go out of its way to tell me that it was written by a really morally uneven person.

You should check out the whole thing. It’s pretty brief, and I make the argument that Taylor Swift is practically evil, and that she’s the standard bearer for the worst (ughhh) generation. Get off my jawn, etc. etc.

  1. Of course I got the idea for the title from this epic piece by Merlin Mann


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