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Opponents of Opponents are My Allies: BitTorrent Edition

Regarding a certain web comic with a history of being the worst, Andy Ihnatko:

Here’s my conversation with a hypothetical person who wants to check out “Game Of Thrones.” Not with Matthew Inman, author of The Oatmeal, I hasten to say. Just a conglomeration of the species of torrenters as a whole.

You want to see what the hubbub around “Game Of Thrones” is about? Cool. The show is produced by HBO and it’s available exclusively on that channel. It’s a premium channel and any cable provider can sell you a monthly subscription.

HBO’s awesome. They have a streaming app that will allow you to watch pretty much any original series or movie that they still have the rights to (including “Thrones”) and it works with almost everything that can play streaming video. HBO doesn’t even charge for the app or for the extra access.

You say you don’t want to subscribe to HBO, or even cable?

Ah. Well, no worries. The show will be released on DVD and Blu-ray later in the year.

You’re not into physical media? I’m with you. It’ll be on iTunes soon. See? The store page lists the release date. March 6. You can circle it on the calendar and everything.

You’re still frowning. What’s wrong, Scrumpkin?

Oh. You want it right now.

But — umm — the release date is only, like, two or three weeks away. Just hang on a bit. You’ll be fine.

Yes, I heard you (please, sir, there’s really no need to shout). I understand that you want it (and I hope I’m not misquoting you) right the —ity-— NOWWWWWWWW. But you can’t have it now. You can have it on March 6. It isn’t even as far away as you think. Remember? February is the super-short month?


You’re already torrenting it, aren’t you?

Annnnd now you’re also calling me a d— because I expected you to wait two weeks, and you’re claiming that you’re “forced” to torrent it because the video industry is bunch of turds. How charming.

There definitely are best use case scenarios for bittorrent (as Ihnatko goes on to mention). Add to that vinyl-only LP rips, media that’s been long out of print, etc., etc. But so much of torrenting — and I’m guilty of this, too — is just trying to get something a few weeks before it’s due out. WHAAAAT?! I have to WAIT for THREE… WEEKS?! to hear whatever thing?! UN-acceptable. It’s a little goblin that’s always goading. It’s gross.


  1. monsterbeard said: Wow, the first comment on his post is just amazing. I torrented the entire first season of GoT :( and I want to watch the upcoming season too but also don’t want to pay for an HBO subscription through Time Warner, so I feel frustrated by the setup
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    Now let’s say you’re not in the US and a lot of times the options become: 1 Watch it on TV (if shown) 2 Buy it on DVD...
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  4. theblueprint said: they say the lotto is a “tax on the stupid”. i’d argue playing by media producers’ rules is precisely the same.
  5. rendit said: My suggestion? Listen to Club Ninja by Blue Oyster Cult instead. You’ll be glad you did. #ROCK NOT WAR
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