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I think women in Africa are doing a pretty badass job of organizing against genital mutilation and probably do not need a lot of paternalistic bullshit from the daughters of the people who looted their continent, and I think “worldwide subjugation of women” is a problematic sort of code for ISLAM IS COMING FOR OUR WOMEN when the religious terrorists I am actually concerned about are currently hijacking the legislature and running for president in the country I live in, and I don’t know if Jonathan Franzen actually hates women but he sure as fuck can’t write about them, or much else either.

The Rejectionist brings bilious, righteous splendor to the issues of the day, and it is good.

There’s also this amazingly quotable sentiment:

I want us to be so loud and so angry and so visible and so terrifying that we cannot be mistaken for anything other than the future.


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