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Clams Casino - Benji B 'Exploring Future Beats' Mix

Clams Casino
"Benji B ‘Exploring Future Beats’ Mix"

I know this track has been making the rounds lately. I ripped out the 28 or so minutes that compose just the Clams section, though.

The unreleased song snippet at 23:41 is absolutely nuts which is why the freaking DJ needed to talk over it. Grrrr. Otherwise, it’s a good mix of stuff old and new. I hadn’t 100% realized how monstrous the A$AP beats were until I heard them in this format. Man. I know reactions were pretty wildly mixed when it was released (there’s been a good amount of revisionist blogging or surreptitious mind-changing on A$AP Rocky lately), but I’ve basically always thought his production choices were inspired. So I guess that makes me the coolest person ever, right?

Go ahead and break yourself off a piece of the Clams Casino mix here.

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