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OKAY CUPID - kitty pryde

produced directed filmed everything by bryan mckay and shannen ortale

song produced by beautiful lou

STARRING britney m and annie t

i should have washed my hair first

maybe got my makeup done. w/e

To paraphrase a television personality, you really have to love when everything comes together.

I was walking around in the rain last night listening to Pavement by NYU and I was so bored, so I did what I usually do when I’m bored walking around listening to music: I put on Kitty Pryde’s “Justin Bieber” and “okay cupid” on repeat. And then the director of the video for “okay cupid” (above), Bryan McKay drops me a note about how it’s going to premier tomorrow, which is today, and it did!

I feel as if I’m starting to understand the limitations of Clams Casino v1.2 as it’s practiced by Young L, Beautiful Lou (who produced “okay cupid”), and Green Ova Main Attrakionz (whose managers have scooped up Kitty Pryde). But this is still great. I love a little softness to cancel out the Lex Lugar Plenitude of rap beats. Plus, I wish I didn’t even think of the phrase “another white girl rapping” when I first came across KP because she’s not like Kreayshawn (who doesn’t really seem that bad to me) but more like an HTML Giant sincerity artist, which is completely different. Am I mad that VICE wrote about her? Unfortunately, sort of. But the thing is, I’m glad it’s coming together. And as the theme of the day requires: you can pay an artist.


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    OKAY CUPID - kitty pryde
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    that’s it, I’m becoming a *rap star*
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    sick! kinda sounds west coast style
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    swooning hard
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    what? Song title on youtube: ❄ OKAY CUPID ❄ - ♥KITTY PRYDE♥
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