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Definite Hate, GQ 2001

There’s a GQ article about a white power band called Definite Hate, which has been linked to Wade Michael Page, the asshole who shot up the Sikh temple in Wisconsin last weekend. Given the article’s URL and the “Wade Page” tag added, you’d think the article was about him (#SEO), but it doesn’t mention him at all. The guy the article really is about, though, seems like a winner.

Josh insists he isn’t a violent guy, though on the Definite Hate album he screams for a race war to take down the “ni//er women” who become “baby factories” and the “chinks and spics” who steal our jobs. He sings longingly of when the “fucking Jews burn again.”

Does he really mean it? Josh backpedals. “I’m not going to exterminate somebody just because they’re black or Mexican, but Mexico’s for Mexicans,” he says. “We want our own land. Like the Jews want their own land, they want the Palestinians out, same thing. We want our own land.”

His tattoos tell his story. On his right ankle, there’s the hardcore anarchy symbol, which he got when he was 13. Above the mark, his leg once read FUCK RACISM—a punk relic from a more innocent time that he’s since blacked out. On the center of his chest, he has the SS lightning bolts. On his right arm is a skinhead on a cross. It’s symbol, he says, of the persecution he faces. But he doesn’t get political now. All the rage, the beer-fueled aggression, the let’s-get-a-ni//er talk has dissolved. Josh has goals: to finish his community-college program and get a job as an electrician, to get married and have kids.

Yeah, this racial supremacy bullshit is really just about rhetoric and tradition. It would never manifest in actual violence.

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