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Hipster Girls

Lil B
"Hipster Girls"

It’s sort of amazing how (or its opposite, which is to say the same thing) that when you have 1,126 songs of someones, you can easily listen to him for days and discover little gems like this constantly.

Mad Decent, Fools Gold!
Ohmigod, you’re such a ho!
DIPLO! You know Lil B?
I’ll tell you who he is, he’s Young Based God
Hipster girls think he’s the coolest guy out
Hot girls always want to let them in their house
Everyone knows about Young Based God
Hipster girls shakes their butts cause they’re hot
I’m in the underground show in New York City
Dem passwords “art gallery”
All the hipster girls shake your butt to the beat
My name’s Lil B, I’ll be here for a week
Hipster girls, throw your bras on stage
Scream “Lil B,” let me hear you say my name

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