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There are a few songs with children talking. I know that ‘youth’ is a buzzworthy gimmick for Generation Y indie fans, but I feel like u sorta gotta ‘grow the eff up’ and write an album abt ‘grown ass problems’ eventually. You can’t just be all nostalgic, or else you eventually sound like shoegaze kidzbop. This is actually a great way to ‘change the discussion’ that usually takes place when an album is being evaluated. When ur singing about KID themes, you focus on ‘how it feels’ as oppose to obsessing about ‘how it sounds’ in a technical way. It’s a good strategy, but M83 is ‘technically mature’ enough to make that conversation obsolete, anyways.

Their video for ‘Midnight City’ has children with super powers. Sorta just wish they’d ease up on the kid vibes. We get it, M83. U wish u still had kid vibes, but instead u just play synths and write lyrics about wanting to be an alt version of Peter Pan.

Carles spits some serious truth about a troubling trend in alt music while discussing the new M83 album (via andrewmcclain)

I think part of M83’s thing is the language barrier Anthony Gonzalez faces in writing songs in English. (Have you actually heard some of his lyrics?) Everyone else should know better, though.