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Catey Shaw
"Brooklyn Girls"

I don’t think this video is very offensive or noteworthy for what it’s talking about. Brooklyn girls definitely exist. They live along the L (and the F, G, J, Z, M, B, A, C, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 and even neighborhoods not poorly served by perpetually off time lumbering airconditioned boxes). They frequently have blue dyed ombre hair and I’ve seen my share of Nets hats. People who say, ‘Ugh’ or ‘threw up in my mouth a little’ are being naive (or have never been to Brooklyn).

The very interesting thing to me about this video is that it is sort of offensive and naive in how hamfisted and gimmicky it seems. And yet, it’s almost indistinguishable from so much advertising and branded media experiences. Brooklyn as a symbol lives off of free Vice-Intel concerts and Johnnie Walker parties and Doc Martens showcases. Sure, there are genuine experiences to be had, but they’re almost always conceived through the same no contrast, flat Instagram filter that frames rooftop parties and stoop sessions. And fucking brunch!

The offensiveness of things like Girls and “Brooklyn Girls” isn’t that they misrepresent Brooklyn because they don’t. It’s that they’ve ossified a relatively extremely boring picture of Brooklyn that only exists for a small but loud sliver of it that conspicuously spends money. The fear is that all the other pictures will either go unnoticed or stop being created.

Mainstream, lamestream, and advertising have utterly converged on the pinprick that is “Brooklyn Girls”.

bmichael for Capital New York: "Mrs. McCain dutifully searched Michael Ian Black on the computer and found a particularly off-putting sketch from his old show Stella."

Meghan McCain:  The first thing [Cindy McCain] saw was Michael sucking on a dildo.

Michael Ian Black:  It wasn’t a gay thing, it was Mrs. Claus.

Meghan McCain:  Cindy's not a fan.

Michael Ian Black:  Like your mom's never sucked a dick.

Meghan McCain:  Oh my god. I am never coming to Brooklyn again.