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One last note. It slipped into being around the same time that Beyonce released her stealth self-titled. You might not have noticed. It’s something I’ve put on in other rooms and at night when I’m falling asleep. Consistently great, even for a third helping - not grading on a curve. Clams Casino’s Instrumentals Vol. 3 is a really good listen. And it’s free.

Zilla Rocca x doseone x Clams Casino
"On The Freak Beat"

Shut the front door! This is one of the all-time classic beats of eternity, from then until the day after tomorrow. I would say that Zilla and doseone kill it, but this song is immortal. But seriously, this is probably one of the most important beats of the century. Think about it.

Clams Casino - Benji B 'Exploring Future Beats' Mix

Clams Casino
"Benji B ‘Exploring Future Beats’ Mix"

I know this track has been making the rounds lately. I ripped out the 28 or so minutes that compose just the Clams section, though.

The unreleased song snippet at 23:41 is absolutely nuts which is why the freaking DJ needed to talk over it. Grrrr. Otherwise, it’s a good mix of stuff old and new. I hadn’t 100% realized how monstrous the A$AP beats were until I heard them in this format. Man. I know reactions were pretty wildly mixed when it was released (there’s been a good amount of revisionist blogging or surreptitious mind-changing on A$AP Rocky lately), but I’ve basically always thought his production choices were inspired. So I guess that makes me the coolest person ever, right?

Go ahead and break yourself off a piece of the Clams Casino mix here.

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Soulja Boy - White Lights (SODMG, 2012)

easily the best Soulja Boy song in this young year (which has already seen two Soulja Boy tapes, no less). Clams Casino produced it, and Soulja rides the beat well. I hope this means that Clams and Soulja are about to start working together semi-reguarly again, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. For now, this is sufficient enough.

Wicka-wicka-wicka-wHAT? This is awesome. Hah, I love how Soulja Boy refuses to get on the beat. It’s like listening to two different songs at once.