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OK, I know everyone is busy spreading misinformation, or getting freaked out about the spread of misinformation, and The freaking Onion has become a valid philosophic reference for epistemic post-modernity, but listen.

I have a fabulously talented chef friend who’s trying to open a restaurant in Astoria, Queens, NY. They’re in part using Kickstarter to fund the opening (I know). They are 100-people-each-giving-$20-in-the-next-53-hours-away from succeeding in this part of the venture. If you value people making good food, the personal me getting to eat said food, or just seeing more businesses that give a shit about workers, ingredients, etc. (#cliche, #whatev, #itstrue) then please consider giving or forwarding to someone you know in Astoria/Queens/New York/TheWorld/TheUniverse.

Thanks for your time. Please go back to feeling superior to Reddit but much less well-accomplished than the average Onion writer.