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I feel like I’d be reaching to say that the “Bound 2” video (opposite of timely for me to even care, but whatevs) adds up to something, but I love that something this arbitrary and weird has 33 million youtubes. It’s not that any of it is particularly trippy, it’s just that it’s all trippy by virtue of how bad it is and it’s hard to tell how much of it is incompetence, cause some of it looks hideous in a way that implies money was just thrown at the Wrong Thing as opposed to there being straight neglect going on. I’ve watched it twice and I can’t tell if a third time would be a waste or if it would guarantee a fourth-tenth time. I may have more to say later…

I think 1) you’re overthinking this, 2) and discounting Kanye’s rich history of creating absolutely the best music videos since the Music Video Era cratered. To think that this got away from him a little isn’t insane, but it’s also unlikely that the finished product is much different than how he really wanted it to look. It’s much more likely in my mind that he accidentally made Bound 2 the song so good rather than accidentally making Bound 2 the video so bad.