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How working as a servant to the ultra-rich helped me to understand the cultural code of luxury

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Buying organic food helps us deal with our number one problem: our existential anxiety, our denial of death. This problem is so big and unsolvable, it is shelved by the conscious mind but the unconscious mind is tormented by it our entire lifetime.

Anything that reduces the load of carrying this unresolvable existential question allows us to feel more entitled to live, more like we belong here, that our life has a transcendent meaning.

Cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker called such solutions “immortality projects.” Have children. Or friends who will remember you when you’re gone. Be a good member of your church. Build a home. Decorate it beautifully. Or, even, write a book, create a new philosophy, become wealthy and have buildings named after you. All of these are more keenly appreciated when we view them as immortality projects.

Organized religion has fallen out of favor among Western intelligentsia and for those who feel the need to justify why they don’t go to church, a popular construct is “because they’re so judgmental” and because “they don’t practice what they preach: they walk out of church in their fine clothing and stride right past the homeless people.”

Isn’t that interesting? Those are exactly the two kinds of behavior the Loyola University study found afflict people who eat organic food.

Tim Tebow: Magical White Person



By Mobutu Sese Seko

Even if one wants to feel a genial non-interfering positivity or salutary indifference toward Tim Tebow and his “testimony,” the frequency and intensity with which it’s invoked by NFL Network and ESPN makes it intolerable. By week 14, Skip Bayless will be berating some poor Archbishop about their “beatification bias.”

This really isn’t Tebow’s fault. He’s said the right things, and provided a few crude but undeniably dramatic end-of-game moments. But he keeps getting cajoled into testifying, and his faith is the kind that leads him to relate the same story about his performance over and over with a kind of guileless sincerity. It might make you a little sick to your stomach because the media keeps re-administering the dose, but it itself isn’t toxic.

It is a little dumb, however. Last night, Rich Eisen dismissed Tebow’s replacement-level
9/20 completions for 104 yards, saying, “We’ve reached the point where we should stop mentioning [Tebow’s] stat line.” This wasn’t for any great repetition of the facts; instead, the NFL Network seemed positively allergic to discussing Tebow within the parameters of his actual job.

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This was going to be my submission to The Classical, and now it looks like the super talented Mr Mobutu Sese Seko has well-beaten me to the punch. Read this!